April 15, 2013

You got bigger while Douglas Martin was away.

If any song from last year deserves the rare Dirty Shoes Late Pass, it’s one that can pack this much into its lean two minutes and forty-eight seconds. The first single from 2011’s outstanding self-titled record, Austin duo Deep Time conjures the spirit of early-80’s Glasgow post-punk legends such as Josef K, Orange Juice, and the Fire Engines, playing with song structure like a Rubix Cube.

Frontwoman Jennifer Moore (formerly of DIY-pop cult legends the Carrots) possesses a lilt in her elegant croon that makes her sound almost like a French chanteuse (no “Zou Bisou Bisou“) while drummer Adam Jones carries and switches up rhythms perfectly in tune with Moore’s guitar playing, while his harmonies weave around hers in a way that makes you wonder if they were separated at birth.

While “Clouds” is about the kind of things that happen to people with the passage of time (“What happened to the things you left alone?/They gathered in the trees and filled the whole sky”), the duo behind the song display the sort of musical language that would take years for a band to cultivate. In the Great Post-Punk Revival of the early-00’s, it’s safe to say the Glaswegian Greats didn’t get their fair shake at the renewed interest. Here’s hoping Deep Time inspires people to dust off those old Postcard Records LPs.

MP3: Deep Time – “Clouds” (Left-Click)

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