April 16, 2013

There are far more than two kinds of Dam-Funk songs, but for the purposes of this post, let’s just say that there are two primary categories. There are the synth boogie self-help guides that consist of Dam crooning inspiration to get you through the dregs of your day. They are the sort of songs that could be hopelessly corny in the wrong hands, but come off like holy writ when sung with the passion, grit, and determination that comes from struggling to achieve your life dreams for a long time and then finally succeeding in great fashion. Also, it is Dam-Funk, a man so funky that he could make the keytar cool again.

There are also the freeway glides. You can’t separate music from geography (usually) and few artists match up to their environment quite like Damon Riddick. Yet the feel matches the Los Angeles of your imagination: empty freeways, warm sun, clean water, uncommon colors. It is rarely real, but occasionally, everyone will leave town for a holiday and you can remember what is was like when your grandparents found it. His new free jam is in the latter category, but aims for more celestial surroundings than just a vacant 10 West. It’s called “Levitate From It All,” which is also good advice. Lil Wayne would tell you to be “Ray Charles to the bullshit.” But Dam’s advice is more timeless and less crass. It’s a reminder to be present, but not let yourself get bogged down by the present. There is always something better if you can get there.

So maybe there is only one type of Dam-Funk song: a good one.


Dam’s Note:

[Final ‘Free-Download’ before my forthcoming summer 2013 release]


‘Levitate from this sh*t. U can do it’.

All music, recording & production by D-F.. & recorded ‘all the way thru’ without any sequences or samples used whatsoever, ’cause actually.. they’re really not needed.

*It’s okay 2 ‘sample your mind’, every once in a blue moon…

1 & thank U for your much appreciated interest & support of my music.


– DāM-FunK

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