Douglas Martin is a Tweener in the NBA swingman sense.

After a life spent listening to people talking about how the generation coming up after them is going to ruin the world, I’ve found myself saying the exact same thing with startling frequency. What would any reasonable person think about Justin Bieber spitting at his neighbor or Disney teen queens turned depraved stick-up kids in Spring Breakers? It’s kind of ironic to think of a Hawaiian shirted Riff Raff keeping the girls out of the trouble if he were in the place of James Franco. I’m not going to be the one who says our culture is going to hell in a hand basket, but if it actually is, it’s the kids today that are going to be the Easter Egg Delivery Service.

Thank goodness there are Tweens out there that give hope to the world. With a serious Shangri-Las crush and the impeccable taste to cover girl-garage legends the Pleasure Seekers at their very first show, Tweens have bolstered their still-blossoming discography with “Rattle&Rollin’,” which feels like not only a blast of adrenaline, but a treat of broken glass smashed into rock candy. Three Ohioan punks going Full Reatard over a love song that feels like a rapid succession of punches to the face. Unlike a good many punk songs out there, when frontwoman BB Tween sings, “Rattle and rollin’ is all I wanna do with you,” it doesn’t sound like a veiled threat or a saracastic kiss-off. It sounds sweet. That’s a feat uncommon for most trash-punk bands, but Tweens have found the common ground between the saccharine sentiment of pop music and the kick-your-face-in intensity of punk.

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