As someone who values an intake of illicit substances far in excess of what a normal 30-something citizen should consume, Juicy J is an inspiration. He is approaching Hunter Thompson territory with his late-period incarnation. Granted, this might be more Songs of the Doomed than Hells Angels (or Mystic Stylez), but Juicy continues his hit streak of terrible advice that you want to play at terrifying volumes when your head is in a tenuous state. When this man says turn-up you have no choice, even though I can’t stand to hear another person say that phrase. Juicy J cannot be killed be conventional weapons. This much we know.

The beat comes from Childish Major, who is getting a head start in the race against Mike Will for producer of the year. If the two of them produce Juicy’s record it will be cause lean sales to spike 75 percent across America. This is an objectively bad thing, but Juicy J is the pied piper of rap. In an ideal world, I wish Kellz had brought him on at Coachella, the two of them kicked off Phoenix, and proceeded to duet for an hour. I mat have hallucinated that though so it’s all good.

MP3: Juicy J – “Ain’t No Coming Down” (prod. by Childish Major)

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