What do you know about standing in line outside for fifteen minutes to gain entrance into a slammed record store (Vacation Vinyl, Silverlake), only to discover that the one record you wanted for Record Store Day was already sold out. 20 copies gone before 12:30 p.m. I suppose I can chalk this up to the unholy combination of RSD and 4/20. Thankfully, a streaming version of the Nicolas Jaar/Grizzly Bear/Brian Emo split 12″ is available — at least Jaar’s remix of Los Osos Pardos. If these two toured together, I might just follow them around the country, Dead-style, foraging for disco edits and wrestling with alligators all throughout the rest coast. What’s really good?

Jaar takes “Sleeping Ute” and turns it into sleek sleepwalking groove. Haunted dance floors, odd instruments, the only way to appease my anger at not getting a copy. If someone wants to give me an Arbor Day present….

Via Aaron Frank

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