I’ve started and deleted about a half dozen intros in an attempt to describe “Cool Runnings.” This track taken from Jonwayne’s Cassette 2 exists to defy description. He and Zeroh rap like Kid Icarus, words as arrows, patterns that dip and dive like an aerial show. Sandal game is impeccable. Too many things go right to include all. Jonwayne mocking rappers falling off in the forest and being branded good for a white guy, while bragging about wearing a chain made of beer caps. Zeroh has gotten to the point where he no longer needs the beat. He leaves gravity, creates his own pocket, than touches down in the precise spot. Then there is the scream at the end and the squabble about whether he fucked up the take. He did not fuck up the take. This is what you want out of rap music. Two young dudes left to get as weird as possible, who have labored obsessively to make the eccentricity sound effortless. Doug E. Doug and the Jamaican bobsled team would be proud.

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