April 23, 2013

Brad Beatson with the artistry. No real explanation necessary.

“Bitch pussy smell like a penguin (ewwww)” -”1 Train”


 “Bullseye my eyes tie dyed” (Die Like A Rockstar) / “But this kush got me high like Pac Bandana” (Monopoly) / “I’m Higher than Swizz Beats hairline” (Bruiser Brigade)

“Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos” (Monopoly)

“While you niggas got blue balls like Avatar / Eating caviar in El Salvador / She running from my dick like it’s a bull and she the matador” (Adderall Admiral)

 “AK’s with bayonets on deck, rep my set / Sorta like Squidward with his clarinet” (XXX)

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