April 23, 2013

I made the decision to post this song before it even really started. Kellz is one of those rare people who is made of music, like Prince or Bjork or the human beatbox from Police Academy. Even when he’s talking he’s singing. So I was sold during the intro. I’m not going to tell you that this song couldn’t have been better. These two could have come up with a better concept than throwing money at strippers. I understand that there is a tangible market for it, but these two are a combined 84 years old.  I imagine life experience could have led to something far more supreme. And still, there is the combination of speed rap and Kellz’s verse at the 2 minute mark. It can’t miss by much. Nate Dogg is gone and people tell me that I am supposed to like Drake’s sad donkey rap-sanging. Sometimes I think Robert Sylvester is all we have and half the time he’s doing ballads. If this is not bumping in half the strip clubs in Chicago by the time the Pitchfork Festival starts than someone is not doing an adequate job of publicity. I also am all in favor of using it as the intro theme for a possible BET reboot of Win Ben Stein’s Money.

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