Will Hagle does his own stunts.

Some crews just make sense. Moreno Valley-based UTB are one of them. Information on the group is difficult to pin down, but they follow the trend of employing an impossibly complex and loosely-connected group of visual artists, clothing designers, producers and rappers. It’s tough to keep straight, but the important thing to remember is that Pheo., Cashius Green and Dre Biggity all rap and they rap well. Pheo. has a clear-headed, quick-witted flow, Cashius Green has a slower, Southern drawl and Dre Biggity bridges the gap between those two.

The group has been sporadically releasing joint tracks and solo work for the past couple of years, but they finally sound fully formed on “BetAMill.” The track allows its three MCs enough breathing room to display their respective skills, then ties it all together with a hook that reaffirms their allegiance to the overarching UTB Life$tyle. They might not be up there yet with Odd Future or TDE yet but they’re laying the foundation for a bright future. They’re not the ones you want to amnesty.

MP3: UTB Lifestyle – “Bet a Mil”

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