April 30, 2013

Sometimes Riff Raff’s lyrics remind me of an ether binge from Fear and Loathing, except rather than HST, we have Jamie Franko, a devotee of Versace, sushi and Pimp C. Lizards are everywhere and they’re tilted sideways and rocking designer fabrics. If Riff has not had a cameo on Loiter Squad, the universe remains imbalanced. Of course, when you’re talking about good songs sponsored by Scion, everything is permanently off.

Fraud’s beat is darker, a bad trip with trap hi-hats and an ominous vibe his beats usually avoid. Earl takes advantage, as grimy as Master P when he was Percy, but still needing the feasible mortgage. I also empathize with his inability to do serious work without getting stoned. Does any one know how one measures the average Versace water cabbage?

A lot of rappers could have thought to end their song by replacing a “Gucci” ad-lib with “Sushi,” but only Riff Raff effectively implemented it.


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