May 1, 2013

There is a clear lack of creativity in merely slowing down Mystikal’s original “Here I Go,” adding Young Dro, T.I. Spodee, and a 42 year-old but still very fresh Mystikal, and calling your new track, “Here I Go.” On the plus side, we are living through a low-key No Limit revival between Percy’s latest comeback, Earl and Tyler’s continual shout outs to the tank, and the time that A$AP Rocky brought out P at Coachella. And yet no one is hollering “Free C-Murder.”

Mystikal was also incarcerated for a long time in the forever crooked Louisiana criminal justice system. But he has returned to rival Suga Free as the most immoral excellent rapper in a crowded field. On this track, he faces up against Dro and Tip, who are two of the best Atlanta rappers of the last decade. He makes them look like amateurs throwing $1’s at Magic City. He imitates a wolf, growls, screams, grumbles. I can go on, but I won’t. Go back and listen to the original and tell me that he hasn’t improved.

I keep harping on this, but I just reviewed an LL Cool J record that might be the most abysmal piece of music I’ve heard since Rebirth. Mystikal is only 15 months older than LL Cool J but makes him sound like Methusaleh. It brings up questions like what causes rappers to fall off? It’s not just age or Hollywood connects. Is it being out of touch? Is it hunger or a lack thereof? How much do these late career Renaissances impact the way we view their legacy?  Is it possible that Mystikal has gotten better after spending over half a decade in hell. Probably.

MP3: Hustle Gang ft. TI, Young Dro, Spodee, Shad & Mystikal – “Here I Go”

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