May 9, 2013

1. Schoolboy Q has dealt a shit load of drugs

  • “OK! Extra pills, extra pills, I got extra pills / 2 for the 10, nigga, extra pills, give your bitch some sex appeal” (Druggy’s with Hoes Again)
  • Every song he’s released


2. Schoolboy Q doesn’t smoke papers or your standard bodega blunt wrap

 Mentions of Backwoods:

Mentions of Garcia y Vega:

3. Schoolboy Q will steal your bitch 
Lyrics Illustrated

4. Schoolboy Q likes a certain type of lady

  • “Bad bitch, long hair, skin pretty, curvy ass / Flat stomach, double d’s, please be the Birkin Bag / Designer heels, Hermes pants, how you fit in that” (Gangster In Designer (No Concept))

Illustrations by Brad Beatson

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