The latest episode of Shots Fired takes its title from this Busdriver song that seemed to obliquely epitomize the Harvard & Stone saga of the last week. Also, the room was comprised of myself, Nocando, the great O-Dub, and Open Mike Eagle. The description is below. Hopefully, it contributes to a discussion that we should be having — one that usually devolves into ad hominem attacks and LL Cool J and Braid Paisley songs.

“Music writer/scholar/DJ Oliver Wang of & 3rd member of Shots Fired Open Mike Eagle join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss recent controversies in the Hip-Hop community. They talk about Open Mike Eagle being removed from a Hollywood Bar show the day before the performance due to their “no rap” policy, Dr. Boyce Watkins calling Tyler the Creator’s Mountain Dew commercial racist, Lil Wayne receiving backlash from his Emmett Till lyric, Rick Ross losing his Reebok sponsorship over his date rape lyric, and Scarface claiming that record executives are brainwashing a generation of Hip-Hop fans in a conspiracy against black people in Hip-Hop.”

Episode below the jump.

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 28 – “No Blacks, No Jews, No Asians” with Guests Oliver “O-Dub” Wang and Open Mike Eagle

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