May 9, 2013

According to the DEA, which is a label run by James Murphy: “Molly is a drug that is slang for “molecular”. In theory, “molly” is high purity MDMA powder. This form is increasing in popularity and availability (several readers have reported that MDMA powder is easier to get than pills in some parts of Canada.”

One day I would like to try this molly to help me pursue my dreams of being a professional rap star and spread my name over everyone’s URL. As you can see from the video above by the Turnip Twinz, there are all sorts of tangible benefits that you can get from its pleasurable affects. Any party you attend will be blessed with only the finest spirit hoodies and raconteurs. I am also very happy with raps endorsement of the band, Yo Lo Tengo, as I am very in favor of “analog rock and roll.”

You can download Peter Rosenberg’s New York Renaissance mixtape below the jump. It features songs from rap singers named Action Bronson and Homeboy Sandman. I am told it sounds transcendent after you smoke all the mollies. My friend Tim told me.

ZIP: V/A – Peter Rosenberg Presents New York Renaissance (Left-Click)

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