May 11, 2013

The site is back running after a 24-hour blackout in celebration of my deal to write the world’s first emoticon-only novel about Wu-Tang. Unfortunately, the contract fell through and we’re back to square 36. I come bearing gifts, gifts that I have taken from somewhere else, which I believe is the definition of godliness. This is an excellent mix of The Best of Kevin Gates, mixed and compiled by Southern Hospitality (Rob Pursey, Davey Boy Smith and DJ Supermix). Execution is IHop efficient.

“IHop” doesn’t make the cut for this mix, but the “Get in the Way (Remix)” did, as a token peace pipe offering — or as close as you can get to peace with Boosie threatening to impersonate Rambo. Someone get creative with Photoshop.

Someone also keep Gates cordoned off from the triple-headed bugatti-driving crustacean that is Ace Hood, Rick Ross & DJ Khaled.

ZIP: Kevin Gates – Everybody’s Sworn Favorite: Best of Kevin Gates (Left-Click)

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