Lil-Boosie1At this point, any new Boosie is good Boosie. Reports out of Baton Rouge have pegged his official release at November 2014, but his attorneys estimate that he could come home sooner than that. Odds are he won’t be home for another year, at which point he will be booked for three months solid, at a minimum of $20,000 per show. Cash only.

Boosie’s hard drives were confiscated during the police investigation and to my knowledge, have not been returned. I’m not sure how Mista got this verse from Bad Azz, but I imagine it was recorded sometime in 2009 before he started his bid. Either way, he’s in bell-ringing pistol whip mode, “stepping out of the club looking for the enemy.” If you’re unfamiliar with Mista, he’s probably the most popular rapper in BR after Boosie and Kevin Gates. And like many of his peers, he’s currently incarcerated on murder charges. The problem with Baton Rouge rap is that authenticity is everything and the city is the world’s largest game of telephone. Everyone knows everything, so if you aren’t repping what you rap (or vice versa), everyone knows. This is also why Baton Rouge rap is the best: there is no daylight between record and real life. The stories are visceral, the emotion is unmistakable, the landmarks are specific and littered with ghosts.

It’s also music that leans heavily on context. There’s something incongruous about bumping it in computer speakers in your apartment. It made the most sense under sweltering heat and abandoned buildings covered in graffiti. It’s got a vibe that reminds me of modern day Jamaican dancehall, filled with obscure wars between rivals and a sense of constant decay. Cain’s latest mixtape, Louisacain 2.5 is quintessential BR gangsta rap: brutal and tailor-made to spark fistfights in clubs. It’s hosted by the always on-point DJ Ya Boy Earl and features cameos from Mouse on tha Track and up and coming Baton Rouge rappers Level, Ready and Kevin Gates’ Percy Keith. There is also a guest spot from the recently murdered, Lil Phat.

Best heard seething at night, holding too many grudges, under the influence of everything.

MP3: Mista Cain ft. Lil Boosie – “Tear it Down”

ZIP: Mista Cain – Louisicain 2.5 (Left-Click)

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