May 13, 2013

VIBE-Kendrick-BDKMVAmber fields of grain? Check. Meditative poses. Check. All white pantsuits. Evangelical overtones. Mike Epps baptizing K. Dot in a pool of liquor? Triple check.

I don’t know how I feel about the “Death to Molly” banner at the end of this video. I understand that Kendrick is mostly drug free and believes in intense devotion and hard work as a means for uplift. I respect and generally agree with this position (my own personal agnosticism aside). But there are a lot of people who hate their lives and recreational weekjend drug use (in moderation) offers a mostly harmless way to have fun, dance, and tell their best friends intensely corny things that they will regret the next morning. Molly is a hell of a drug.

Unless, of course, he means, “Death to Rappers Making Molly Songs,” in which case I will be shouting that, fists up, twirling the baton at the head of the parade.

Video below the jump. Can you imagine how lame this would have been if they’d kept it Gaga? Never forget.

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