There are two essential reasons why this post exists: the first is obviously Mystikal. Every time I write one of these posts, I feel a twinge of uneasiness considering Mystikal was convicted of an indefensible crime. It’s a little strange to write posts in all caps about OMG MYSTIKAL, but yo, listen to this man rap. I don’t even care if it’s on the 427th Louisiana rap song about someone’s dick. He is really operating at a level only known by James Brown and R Kelly. He is not singing or rapping, he is acting out scenes set to music, unleashing nasty come-ons to women who follow him on Instagram, convincing them to fuck him because their man won’t get out of jail until January. It’s practically hip hop opera (no Carmen). He is definitely the best rapper above 40 right now, probably the best rapper over 30, and possibly the best rapper.

The other reason for this post is to show the world a picture of Juvenile in what appears to be a flesh colored owl (or lion or liger) t-shirt. This is very real and very spectacular. Shades of Rain Forest Cafe memorabilia. Juvie does his thing on this track, bouncing along for the last 16. If you don’t know Lil Cali, he’s a regional star from Ponchatoula, a country town between New Orleans and Baton Rouge that doubles as the Strawberry capitol of America. The more you know. He used to have a deal on Asylum, but to my knowledge never dropped a full length for them. However, he does have a full-length collaboration with Juvenile coming soon, which is good news for people who still listen to Juvenile records in 2013. Below the jump, there is an MP3 of the “Dat Dick (Remix)” and some tracks that Cali has done with Boosie and Kevin Gates because why not.

Download: (Via DGB)
MP3: Lil Cali ft. Mystikal & Juvenile – “Dat Dick” (Remix)

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