May 17, 2013


Let’s play the Wu-Tang guessing game. When do you think this track was recorded? Son Raw guessed that this is an extra from the early 2000s and judging from the tight verses of Deck and the RZA, that could be accurate. I don’t like dissing people who I would be willing to die for, so let’s not talk about the latter-day output of the Rebel INS and the Rzarecauteur. In fact, this does sound like something from the Digital Bullet era. Raekwon offers us no clues, because the chef has been consistently excellent for a long time.

Zilla guessed that this is an extra from the Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack. The Frank Dukes beat would seem to be a dead giveaway, although it could very well feature old vocals transferred to a new beat — one that does a better job of channeling late 90s RZA than modern day RZA. I’m sure someone in the comment section knows the true answer, but it’s more fun to speculate. After all, good new Wu-Tang is no longer the norm, so it’s important to appreciate when the melodies are deadly.

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