photo(1)Oscar O’ Malley’s instructions are clear: let this tap dance over you. Resist the instruction to categorize or scrutinize the symbols. Maybe he’s just trying to save us time; if you were conspiracy minded, you could probably search this video for hours for hallmarks of the Illuminati. There are old films of white-bearded Romans in togas, animated strippers, multi-colored phrases flashing on screen, O’ Malley wearing a runway monster mask, and a title taken from Gangs of New York. Jay-Z should sign the 20-year old Brooklynite to Roc Nation to make up for the fact that J. Cole is rap-Ambien and no one produced a legit successor to the “On to the Next One” video.

From the fashion and double-time, you can hear shades of the same city that produced A$AP Rocky and The Underachievers. You hear the West Indian influence in his flow and a maybe a little Mos Def. But the confidence and skills are out front. He raps like a predator and the vocab is impeccable. There is a sense of originality that you can’t trace back. No new rapper comparisons. O’ Malley is two for two after this and “CoKo Bajio.” Any rapper who calls foes “peasants” is on-point in my book. And I am never one to shy away from a good Masonic Lodge or Egyptian Goddess reference, nor huffing enough blunts to stock a dispensary. I imagine this is called “Billy the Butcher” because he raps like he carries a cleaver. That is always a very important sign.

The video is below the jump, along with O’ Malley’s explanation and the MP3.



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