May 28, 2013


For those who don’t even know, I have a book out. It is about Biggie and 2Pac and co-authored with the estimable Evan McGarvey.  You can buy it at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and hopefully in bootlegged form on Canal Street. An excerpt is available to read at the Red Bull Music Academy.

In honor of its publication, there will be two readings over the next week. The first is this Thursday, May 30 at Lot 1 in Echo Park. All the information can be found here. Because there is something slightly boring about doing a straightforward reading, we’re doing a live taping of Shots Fired. It will include a panel discussion and Q&A about their lives and music with myself, Evan, Nocando, and our special guest, Leila Steinberg, 2Pac’s mentor and first manager. After the taping, Peanut Butter Wolf will be doing a DJ set.

Next Tuesday, June 4, there will be a reading/panel discussion at Housing Works in New York City. It will also include a panel discussion of their lives with our guests, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Duck Down Records CEO, Dru-Ha.  I’m hoping he will tell his fabled story about Pac’s addiction to Orange Fanta. There are flyers for both events below the jump, in case your eyes just glazed over everything I just typed.




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