The latest Shots Fired: “Rapper Snow tha Product & MySpace writer Rebecca Haithcoat join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to discuss female rappers and misogyny in Hip-Hop. They talk about the use of the word “bitch” in Hip-Hop, the difficulty of having to be careful of what to say as a woman, the sexualization of women in Hip-Hop, and female rappers having to deal with being looked down upon by male rappers….Fire shots of your own by calling us at (424) 216-6230″

Snow tha Product is signed to Atlantic and is still somehow the most slept-on of the current class of female MCs. Any rapper who tells me that Big Pun is their favorite rapper will always be official in my book. Along with the podcast itself, I’m posting some of her videos below the jump because she can really rap and has some very intelligent things to say about all the topics above. If you don’t know Rebecca Haithcoat, she is the Gangsta Boo of music journalism. No more explanation necessary.

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