Max Bell has a pocket full of stones. 

There’s no shortage of posts about The Outfit, TX here on this site (see here, here, and here). Each is essentially for the same reason: the Houston, Texas trio is responsible for one of the best albums of 2012. And so, this post is really no different.

It’s rare that an album sticks in heavy rotation seven months after its release. Starships & Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk feels like it has actual staying power and could warrant adding to the Houston rap canon. Rock solid third coast raps backed by futuristic funk drenched in jolly rancher lean, shrouded in clouds of kush, and floating on vogues. Etc.

The Outfit, TX has just released the video for “Midnight Mover. The syrupy synths, the spacey guitars, the hypnotic hook, and the fellatio at Popeye. Etc squared.

The video is directed and edited by Mel, one third of The Outfit, TX and feels like one of the trippier nights imaginable. It’s low budget, and there are only two locations: the gas station and the club. But those are also essential way stations of fuel.



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