June 7, 2013


Some meat and potatoes rap from Action Bronson and Kool G Rap. And by meat and potatoes, I mean braised cornish game hen with a side of duchess potatoes. It only takes Bronsolino a bar to make a Demolition Man reference so you know it’s Wesley Snipes as a blonde real. Questions raised: Was Snipes as Dennis Rodman,  the original James Franco as Riff Raff cinematic swag dracula?

Nothing fancy to look at here, but this is Queens, not Harlem. Bronson just going full Bourdain and saying all sorts of disgusting double entendres. Kool G Rap just being Kool G Rap. Tony Touch still with the venoms. I am writing this from Astoria so that makes my appreciation of this song at least 7 percent greater.

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