June 17, 2013

Son Raw bumps jams like this before breakfast.

I have just been informed that DJ Rashad, in fact, gives no fucks. This goes against previous counts that placed the number of fucks given as slightly higher than zero, so we should all breathe a sigh of relief now that this egregious error has been corrected. For those still tripping on how “difficult” Yeezus is, let this be a wakeup call: Rashad is straight out the Chi, completely unbeholden to conventional musicality and he doesn’t need Daft Punk and Rick Rubin to get nasty. This isn’t whitewashed Trap either, Footwork continues to be the real alternative to Chicago’s drill scene and you know you can trust a movement when one of its architects (DJ Spinn) shouts out a Freddie Gibbs record as one of his recent favorites. Hyperdub is releasing the new Rashad joint next month, Yeezy is combining it with Opera singers next album.

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