June 24, 2013

Max Bell wrote this in a purple velour jumpsuit.

If there was no Prince, there would be no The Time, no Dam-Funk. There would be no infamous Dave Chappelle sketch. And the story of Prince skating with “multicolored spark trails” coming out of his rollerblades would not be in Quest Love’s memoir. Basically, the world would be a poorer, and much worse place without him. A lot less funky, and not nearly as liberal sexually.

It’s only right that if you need someone to take a shower or bath with you give Prince a call. Right? He probably has some fancy monogramed loofas and crazy bath toys you couldn’t even find in SkyMall. And, if you’re about that life, he should’ve been on your speed dial in the first place.

Anyway, Prince has essentially been away since his poorly received—it was his 34th—2012 album 20Ten. And yet his “new” single, “Extraloveable Reloaded” (below the jump) sounds great. Why? Probably because it’s actually old.

Originally recorded in 1982 for an unreleased single by Prince’s female vocal trio Vanity 6, the song was put out in 2011 with some rapper named Allo.  Thankfully—R&B artists have an historically terrible taste in rappers—Allo has been replaced on the “reloaded” cut.

With Prince’s inimitable vocals back by horns, heavy bass, and some spaced out synths, this is one of the best Prince songs about showers and baths since the last Prince song about showers and baths (there’s a reference in his catalogue somewhere, I’m sure). As with most of my favorite Prince songs, the instrumental freak/break down towards the end is my favorite.

I don’t know when Prince will release his 35th album, Plectrum Electrum, and I don’t care. For now I’m going to bump this like it’s 1999 or ’82 and go through my phone to find someone (preferably female) who has the urge to Herbal.


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