July 26, 2013

28082189_640Still no update on Boosie’s return home. If I had to guess, expect it to still occur next year, around the time that people start selling fireworks. Marlo Mike, the alleged hitman, was convicted last month — a story that got all too little national press. Which is to say, zero. There are plenty of rumors flying around Baton Rouge. People say that the government is going to slap him with more charges. But that’s the same unsubstantiated rumor that people have been saying since he was first indicted. No news is good news. And according to the always reliable Webbie, the release date gets closer and closer.

Before Boosie went in, he’d been building his Bad Azz Ent label. One of his signings was Quick, who quietly dropped the Credit 4 Time Served mixtape on the 4th of July. The tape has a pair of Boosie songs seemingly recorded circa 2008-10, judging from the Big Wayne beats, Levi’s shout outs, and declarations of “texting Puerto Rican bitches on my iPhone.” While Boosie’s “Beatles catalogue” recorded before his incarceration has yet to be returned, we can bang our head and throw coffee mugs through windows to “Down to Pipe” and “Give it Up.” Steel drums and Boosie are a combination worthy of Shaolin and Wu-Tang. The rest of the tape ain’t too shabby either.

1nce Again: Free Bad Azz.

Download: (Via DGB)
MP3: Quick ft. Lil Boosie -“Give It Up”
MP3: Quick ft. Lil Boosie – “Down to Pipe”

ZIP: Quick – Credit 4 Time Served (Left-Click)


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