nobody-vivid-greenChris Daly appreciates the visual metaphor of this album cover.

I could give two pox what this year’s “official song of the summer” is.  The further you get past your teens, the less the term has any meaning. At this stage in the game, while some of my peers might be listening to “classic rock of the 90s” on FM, I haven’t touched a radio in years. I found out many moons ago one must look underneath far more interesting rocks to find that next level shit.

Now lest you think this diatribe devolves into “in my day, we knew to stay the fuck off his lawn” histrionics, that preface merely was to explain that now I seek out tracks that don’t merely remind me of one point in time. When it comes to those hot mid-calendar months, there are certain tracks that will forever be perfect for whatever mixtape you’re making. “Summertime Rolls by” Jane’s Addiction. Anything by pretty much any Marley or Lee Perry. And now you can add Nobody’s “Beaches.”

From this week’s Vivid Green, you’re not going to have a better soundtrack for June through at least September for those who ride coastal. Look, Nobody and Nocando proved they are damn near unstoppable when their Wonder Twin powers are fully in sync with “Hurry Up and Wait.” There’s definite form of a flamethrower, shape of a bucket of chill style madness going on between the two here. Nocan flips the flow script throughout, slipping easily from laid back to rapid fire in a heart beat. Throw in the Baron Münchhausen’s “Torturer’s Apprentice,” castrato vocals of Baths in the background, and the song quickly takes on mirage like qualities. It’s hot and hazy, but promises soothing relief when the final destination is reached. And that is your cure for the summertime blues.

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