July 31, 2013

Nothing sounds more terrifying but absurd than the phrase “Post Odd Future,” but here we are. Kids who were Bar Mitzvah aged when Earl first rhymed Asher Roth with applesauce are now old enough to drive. Some of them are even very good at rapping. The most promising of the pack that I’ve stumbled across are the Nu Age Crew. Chester Watson was the first phantom to emerge, but now there are others.

This is Lucky Limani and OG Yella who are rapping in the forest with weird masks and bucket hats. You can see the DNA of the big crews of the last few years: TDE, OFWGKTA, A$AP Mob. And probably the stuff that originally influenced them, Shady, Wu-Tang, et.al. That’s alright. These kids are 16 and their video is tinted like Instagram Rize and they have Tumblr pages. So they are probably like normal kids you went to high school with: smoking cheap weed, skipping school and committing petty crimes. They are just better at rapping than any of your friends. Somewhere Da Youngstas are proud.

Chester Watson dropped a few new tracks on his Soundcloud too.Below the jump. SN Wooki comes out August 30.

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