oscar-omalleyThe rapping over industry beats technique feels older than 2 Chainz, so credit Oscar O’ Malley for taking the approach of rhyming over beats you might have heard on a Clue tape, circa ’98. Then again, that statement is partially invalidated because Clue wasn’t exactly fucking with Aesop Rock. One of the best things about this generation of rappers is that they grew up without arbitrary divides about what type of rapper you should be listening to. So Danny Brown can reference Def Jux as much as he can channel Spice 1 or E-40. Same with someone like Brooklyn’s Oscar O’ Malley, who is 20 and has no problem invoking King Geedorah while rhyming over the beats to “Daylight” and “Quiet Storm.”

His new mixtape is called Orange Starbust Baboon An Da First OffenseRolls off the tongue. Instrumentals from ODB, Rae, Mobb Deep, Aesop and more. Incineration from O’ Malley, who is 20 years old and perplexingly, not victim of the shameless hype cycle that surrounds every half-decent young NYC rapper. It is mind-boggling that people big up Joey Bada$$, but have yet to hail Oscar as having next. This is raw and he raps like a wolverine, with a flow that feels like he’s climbing the walls of a room like the fly and punching holes in the ceiling with brass knuckles. Your mixed metaphor for the day.

ZIP: Oscar O’ Malley – Orange Starbust Baboon An Da First Offense (Left-Click)

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