August 12, 2013


From here on out, to be “controlled” should replace “renegaded” as what happens when you shouldn’t let another rapper on your song for fear of incineration. K. Dot reminding everyone that he has a parking garage with a collage of everyone he despised from the moment he turned five. He mentions Kurupt and “Calling Out Names” is probably a low-level inspiration for the litany on this song. Kendrick is scorched earth and strange and in his own world, which is the type of thing you’d expect. He lists his other biggest inspirations, Jay, Andre, and Em. Kobe, the other most un-coachable goes unstated. So does Kanye, who is the Givenchy elephant in the room.

It’s a shame that there is no Source to give this a Hip Hop Quotable that kids would cut out and put on their walls. This reminds me of when LL Cool re-wrote his verse on “4,3,2,1” to harpoon Canibus. We also have a new way to pronounce Lindsay Lohan. Waiting on Kendrick’s review of The Canyons.

Apparently, Big Sean and Jay Electronica are also on this song.

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