August 15, 2013


It’s been said by Deen and others that Kendrick omitted plenty of great rappers off the laundry list of rappers that he bleached. Killer Mike, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Gunplay, Kevin Gates, Action Bronson, Schoolboy Q. Along with Kendrick, those are my picks for the top eight of the last year and none were mentioned by name. There are plenty of good reasons for leaving them out. None boast the profile of an A$AP or Cole or Wale, but Kendrick also probably understood that they were genuine threats to actually respond with real fire. Not whatever crudely conceived bottle rockets rappers are letting fizzle after one stoned night in the studio. Or maybe he just forgot. It happens.

Unless you’re in Louisiana or you’re tuned into this particular whirlpool of the Internet, chances are no one is even considering that Gates is one of the best rappers alive. Over the last year, he’s dropped three good-to-great mixtapes and shredded a whole lot of features. Since signing to Atlantic, he’s been bouncing back and forth between BR, LA, and Atlanta and widening his circle of collaborators. Over the past two weeks, many of them have been starting to leak, so this post serves to collect the loosies of one of the best out. I’m also posting the tape from Racked Up Ready, who is probably Baton Rouge’s second biggest rapper who isn’t incarcerated. Like almost all Baton Rouge mixtapes, it’s too long but it’s raw and savage, and I’m not just saying that because many of the tracks are produced by Savage. Or maybe I am. It happens.

MP3: Kevin Gates ft. Yung Mazi & Bloody J (prod. by Zaytoven) – “Anybody Get It”
MP3: Mouse on tha Track ft. Kevin Gates – “Don’t Make Em Like Me” (Left-Click)

MP3: Racked Up Ready ft. Yo Gotti & Kevin Gates – “Hold That Noise”
MP3: Migos ft. Kevin Gates – “Snake Niggas”

MP3: Shy Glizzy ft. Kevin Gates – “Gudda”

ZIP: Gucci Mane & Figg Panamera (w/ Kevin Gates)  — Fillmoelanta 3

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