August 27, 2013


A$AP Rocky is bound to be the least accurately rated rapper of his generation. The awkward VMA appearance and tendency to constantly pick fistfights with security guards, fans, and camera men don’t do him any favors. He’s either considered a carpetbagger stealing from Memphis and Houston or the New York savior by kids who think Lord Infamous was a guest star on the new Ferg album. Trap Lord in stores now.

The truth is more complicated. Rocky doesn’t do himself any favors by ripping on cliched rappers, while talking about “pistol packing” and “the whole enchilada.” He says “fuck your fashion,” but you sense that he’s more interested in reading Four Pins than rap blogs. But he still raps effortlessly, picks good beats, and understands how to make memorable songs. The throwaways are sometimes better than the album tracks. His cut with Trey Songz probably should’ve been on Long.Live.A$AP. This track for Grand Theft Auto is solid sports car rap for kids to simulate cruising around and blowing shit up. Say what you want about him, few are better at staying on message.

MP3: A$AP Rocky – “Grand Theft Auto 6 (Unreleased Song)

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