August 28, 2013

Son Raw can relate to your album title, bruh bruh

The march towards OLD begins, laying to rest any doubts regarding Danny Brown’s focus. Much has been made of DB’s Fool’s Gold assisted, dance-music backed rise to fame since XXX, with a conservative faction decrying his shift towards higher tempos and molly music. Personally, I’m a fan: what am I supposed to say, he makes tracks with Darq E Freaker and I’m pretty much obliged to love that kind of stuff. However, I was wondering how this would all sound on an album: XXX was my favorite release of the decade until Good Kid m.A.A.d City, and a full length of agitated synths seemed like a tough sell. Apparently Danny Brown agrees: ODB IS like his old shit in the best way possible, combining drunken flows with a woozy, psychedelic beat that owes more to Stones Throw than serotonin. We’ll see how it all pans out in a month, but it’s hard not to get excited – this is that dirty, dungeon rap music that only a weirdo from Detroit can possibly drop.


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