August 29, 2013


  • Girls better be crafty to make Juicy happy
    (“Hippie bitch made an apple bong, good weed, alcohol” – Wax)


  • Collipark Bubba Sparxxx said it best: Ya better get it right, and it best be tight.
    (“I don’t buy these broads Nike, but I keep these girls in check
    Working for that money, bitch, you gon’ have to break a sweat” – Bounce it)



  • The more ratchet you are the better
    (You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can’t – Bandz a Make Her Dance

  • Most importantly you gotta be down with the essentials. A zip and a double cup, ‘Rari key and a trippy stick. One bag of molly, bandz and a Nina make Juicy tick.


To all the beautiful women out there, thank you for taking an interest in the Juicy J Twerking Scholarship. Just remember, I’m trippy so it’ll only be for one night. If you’re cool with the above guidelines, then we will review your application* and get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of luck,

Juicy J

* Please include 3 Vines of you twerking, 5 nudes and pics of 10 of your friends

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