September 4, 2013

It’s pretty clear that at this late date in history, the Best of Both Worlds collaboration should’ve been between Juicy J and R Kelly. Jay-Z was too tame, too into Tom Ford. He needed a pied piper counterpart. Someone who shared his dubious morals and immortal turn-up energy. I think I would prefer an album of R Kelly remixing rap radio bangers to an actual R Kelly album. In truth, I would prefer both.

Do you recall his “Turn My Swag On?” It was the next best thing to having enough dispensable income to be able to blow your nose into a pile of $100 bills. There is no song that the man can’t improve, nor add a motor boating reference. Kellz can get away with anything, even when you do know it. When he released doves at the Pitchfork Festival, it was one of those “I was there” moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.  This remix isn’t at that caliber, but it’s Kellz calling people vegetarians, calling himself a dog, talking about Magic City, and the claiming his chain could buy this club. The moral of the story is that Juicy J and Kellz cannot be killed by conventional weapons, aging, or fake IDs.

Watch videos of Kellz performing at Pitchfork below the jump because you enjoy magic.


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