September 5, 2013

artworks-000054743047-rhvj8n-t500x500Chris Daly doesn’t twerk, he boogies.

I have to admit, it took me a minute to catch up on the latest Miley Cyrus “debacle.” First off, who knew MTV still had anything to do with videos, yet alone still hosted the VMAs? I thought you had to be an emotionally stunted, preggo teenager or a homoerotic, hirsute werewolf to get airtime on that channel these days. And yet, having seen so many articles decrying the former Hannah Montana for everything from acting slutty with a man nearly twice her age to somehow “appropriating black culture,” as if shaking one’s ass belongs to a certain racial group, I did the YouTube wormhole thing and watched the performance myself. I still fail to see what the problem is. How quickly we forget Madonna tongue fucking both Brit Brit and Xtina back in ’03 or, for that matter, Prince’s assless pants back in ’91. If there’s anything people really should be up in arms about, it’s the lack of air time for the furry community. C’mon, folks, it’s 2013. If we can’t accept people who like to dress up as teddy bear mascots to get their rocks off, can we really call ourselves an enlightened community?

For my money, the far more interesting Miley Cyrus conversation revolves around 2AM Club’s latest Sound Cloud single. Invoking the name of Billy Ray’s baby girl, the NYC by way of LA quintet spit ratcheted lyrics over a distorted guitar sample that would make Prince purple with envy. The subject matter now seems prescient; though the single dropped a couple of weeks prior to the aforementioned onstage antics of MC, the boys talk of cheap LA club chicks, more interested in “that lifestyle bullshit” that includes sex, drugs and partying than anything substantive. The boys have a way with vivid imagery, with lines like “I cant abandon them Shannons with no ambition/mannequins who could turn a Viagra to an Ambien/aliens in Beachwood Canyon cleaning up blood with a Panda Express napkin” painting about as perfect a picture as a molly-addled mind will allow. And while there appears to be a bit of auto-pitch assistance, even the kid singing the hook knocks it out of the park. Tracks like this not only deserve downloading and repeated listens, but they’re also far more interesting than the question of whether or not MTV promotes questionable behavior by today’s youth because, you know, it’s not 1981 anymore.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i have a wolf costume to wash and a furry march to attend. Twerking may or may not be involved.

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