September 6, 2013

m3arJDsWere you aware that these guys smoke drugs? It’s true and they will tell you about it for the next 45 minutes with elan. Elan is a new strain of weed that you can get at the dispensary down the street. It’s an indica, bro.

I’ve always thought Roddy was the best of the young Jets (excluding Fiend and Mikey Rocks who were expansion draft selections). Bales is about what you might expect: hay in the middle of the barn. And the thing about Spitta is that he is a little more discerning than your average stoner rapper. He will compare his drug habit to agricultural bundles that you might find on a farm. You already know the drill by now with these two. Laid back blunt cruise music done right. Harry Fraud and Mike Will produce roughly half the tape and my guess is that it will be the half you decide to keep on your iPod. There is also a Juvenile guest spot because he is still alive and presumably still wearing a lot of Girbaud jeans. Ha?

Tape below the jump. It’s Friday and you ain’t got nothing to do.

ZIP: Curren$y & Young Roddy – Bales

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