September 13, 2013

130905-juicy-j-2Photo By Bryan Sheffield for Spin

There about 10 tabs open on my browser filled with songs from artists who I’d like to write about. And here I am, about to devote our 83,432 post to Juicy J in the last year. I just spent my entire Labor Day weekend writing a 3,000 word Spin feature on the Trippy One and you’d think that I have exhausted the number of zips and double cups that one can consume. Maybe I have. The truth about Jordan Houston is that there’s nothing to explain. He labors to make these songs like magic, suffering for all of our Sativa. Hypnotize Minds was the imprint, the mission, and the end result. You can’t really explain the greatness of Juicy J in any sort of analytical way. This is a song about his money, his guns, his drugs, and his surfeit of groupies. It’s called “I ain’t gotta say shit.” And it’s the same shit he’s been rapping about for two decades. And it’s all I want to listen to today.

This site is organized around the principle of writing about what we listen to — so you’re going to be force-fed another travelogue of the turned up. We will make it through the night and through the weekend. Even if you stay sober and clean-living, this song could make you want to tear up the raw foods vegan health food haven. Young Chop is on the beat and he understands. He also gave Gangsta Gibbs some heat, which I’m posting too, because I don’t need to explain these sort of things.

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