September 16, 2013

DANNY-BROWN-OLD-575x575Old head, dope fiend rap over Paul White production. The Londoner finds the most light-less spot in LDN and adds some scratches. Danny Brown isn’t about to go and get his braids back. After all, the trap Yakuza cut was what first got Purity Ring fans to notice him. But this is a nod to the original fans who first got hooked on The Hybrid. That frigid, smoked out and paranoid, sitting in your cars with the cassette tape and windows rolled up rap. He’s muted the nasal tones to deliver the low to the ground, barrel pointed at your gullet flow. The sort of stuff that makes you scream “woop” and head to the store for Swishers. Protect your neck, your wallet, your Cartiers, your wine glasses. Danny Brown is rhyming like he’s trying to sell other rappers for scrap metal.

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