September 18, 2013

chromeo-over-your-shoulderDeen has a soft spot for the vocoder. Trap Lord in stores now.

It’s interesting that Daft Punk spent the bulk of the marketing campaign for their last album claiming that they were trying to bring the “life back to music.” Or in other words, they weren’t really fucking with EDM at that particular moment. Then they proceeded to hand us a collection of professional and nice sounding songs that recalled disco, amongst other eras – but mainly disco, especially if the single choices were anything to go by.

But while our pretentious French robot bros were busy rediscovering some old shit, the slightly more human fellas in Chromeo spent most of Daft Punk’s hiatus establishing themselves and making kinda corny, yet awesome electrofunk gems. One might even claim that Chromeo’s vocoder slathered pick up jams kinda approximated disco. Given the fluidity of genres nowadays, I’d argue that there’s no way I could be wrong with that claim – after all, one of the world’s foremost rappers makes a ton of rap and bullshit while non-ironically name-checking the Wu-Tang Clan, but I’m getting off track.

Anyway, “Over Your Shoulder” is the latest offering from Chromeo’s next album, ‘White Women’ (lol, great title – I’m disappointed that a rapper didn’t do this first – or am I wrong?). Shockingly, to me at least, the ever present vocoder on Chromeo songs is missing on this. Maybe that’s Chromeo’s version of bringing the life back to music. I amuse myself yet again. But the Canadian duo left the corny in and the track is just as danceable and nostalgic as their best work, so I’m here for it. And the album is called ‘White Women’! I dunno why I’m so amused by this fact. Maybe because I recently realized that after 2 years sans snowbunnies, I’ve earned the right to start eating pork.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of ‘White Women‘ – shouts to Laura Prepon and Lizzy Caplan. Let’s dance!

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