09F84BA90BD2B4B0438DF6058D2A4664At the end of every week, I usually have 30 tabs open on my browser filled with songs, stories, and links to buy Salvia that I never find time to share. Since this site isn’t intended to be a two sentence “HERE’S SOME HEAT, YOU GUYS”  post emporium, most get vaporized every time my Firefox crashes. In a vain attempt to collect them all, I’m going to attempt to round them up every Friday. This will probably be the only time I do it, so don’t get too familiar. All are recommended or they wouldn’t here.

Vandetta is a singer from Singapore and I hate myself for accidentally writing that pun. I profiled her earlier this year for the Weekly and this is her beautiful new video.

Psymun is a member of the Nu-Age crew and this is a very pretty song that is meant to be played at your next candle-lit, opium-jangled, trip-hop party.

New Spark Master Tape. Uzi’s. Guns. Anonymity.

Some gauzy juke-inflected LA beat music courtesy of the new Tar label from Mix Series alumni, PBDY.

Glasser drops a new video, everyone with a MOMA membership briefly stops spinning.

Some chipmunk soul-era Yeezus excavated by good samaritans at FSD.

Nardwuar Vs. Trina. Who is the badder bitch?

Hudson Mohawke remixes something. I like it because it is Hudson Mohawke remixing something.

Stones Throw’s Stepkids unleash more psychedelic soul for those who only need to be sold by the phrase “psychedelic soul” and the promise of all white suits and some flutes.

And if you’re in LA this weekend, there is the Santa Monica Beach Ball Fest, presented by Art Don’t Sleep, and featuring: Aloe Blacc, Michael Rose of Black Uhuru, Allen Stone, Sly & Robbie, Lee Fields, The Skatalites, Maceo Parker, U Roy, Myron & E, Soul Syndicate. The playlist above. You can buy tickets here.


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