September 23, 2013


Part of Gibbs and Madlib’s campaign to get people to no longer rely on KFC. We all know the chicken is mostly worthless there and the sides are what it’s all about. Harold’s is a Windy City institution, but with no LA branch — this offers me no context. I will say that there are far less odes to Roscoe’s than one would expect. That was the site of the first interview that I ever did with Gibbs, where I mostly just listened to him and Pill talk about how they used to rob trains.

That was many years ago and Gibbs continues to improve. He vaporizes his verse on the new Danny Brown album too. On “Harold’s” there are references to ski masks, 6 pieces with mild sauce, UGK, excessive amounts of french fries, hatred for enemies, pussy popping, and llamas. The latter is slang, but the song works infinitely better if you imagine Gibbs and Madlib conducting a caravan through the Andes full of heavily armed mountain camels. This is some very soulful gangsta rap that works at any altitude.

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