If you had pegged Black Milk as being a permanent Dilla disciple, you should probably reevaluate things. He deserved the comparisons to have been deaded a few years ago, but now they seem especially off-base. The leaked tracks from No Poison No Paradise are like Halloween science-fiction psychedelic theme music. As though they were scripted for some British acid-deranged cult show that briefly aired on the BBC in the spring of 1968. He even changed up his flow from the swift Detroit stabs to a smoother and more spacious swing. Credit the relocation to Dallas. This sounds like if Dilla, Bruce Haack and the Automator formed a supergroup. But it is not that, this is Black Milk, hover-craft converted with hydraulics and sub-woofers. Fresh for 2013.

Along with the earlier leaks, his new album due Oct. 15 on Fat Beats might crash the short-list of the year’s best rap records.

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