September 30, 2013

Forest Swords: Thor’s Stone


A good video conjures a variety of different allusions or illusions or makes you want to spew pretentious gibberish on a blog. So “Thor’s Stone” is a great success. It makes me think of that Christian Bale movie where he starved himself to look like Calista Flockhart or maybe the Kafka story, “A Hunger Artist.” It also summons the memory of the start of second or third season of Breaking Bad, when the two Salamanca “Cousins” crawl to pray at the death shrine of Santa Muerte. This is dub, shades of dread at the controls. But not the Mikey Dread version where dread was a way to describe thick follicles, but dread as a way to describe thick fear. That what-can-go-wrong-will-go-wrong mentality that pervades all true neurotics and those who love them.

Forest Swords and Danny Brown are winning 2013, probably because they understand that it is a game that everyone eventually loses. See also, Alex Koenig’s review of FS’ Engravings.

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