R1058020-524x698It’s about that time to post over a dozen links with minimal context. This is all part of my grand scheme to fit in with the rest of the Internet. I was going to post the performance of Thundercat on Fallon, but apparently, they make you watch an entire episode of Fallon or multiple commercials to make that happen. Just go listen to Apocalypse while staring at the picture above. In the meantime….

You can now stream Danny Brown’s Old, a triumph for 32-year old drug addicts everywhere.

Rick Ross appeared on the Juan Epstein podcast with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds and immediately called himself the Fresh Prince of Rawse — it does not rhyme at all, but is sure to be a marketing campaign for Ross: Dress for Less.

Vic Mensa just dropped his INNANETAPE. We’ll have a review coming later this week, but in the meantime listen for yourself to see if orange soda is still a popular drink.

Alexander Spit, a Bizarre Ride and Shots Fired alumni, drops his first visual from the forthcoming Dillinger. Blunt scorched and psychedelic palm tree raps to play while skateboarding through a sad carnival.

Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro spit some gun smoke and getaway cars bars over the instrumental for the Wu’s “Click Click.” Zilla also laced some moody noirish spells over Silent Dust production (see below).

KeithCharles Spacebar is a young Atlanta rapper with the best name that you’ll hear today. No need to CNTL + ALT + DELETE.

I profiled Alluxe earlier this year for the LA Weekly. Her new video combines Beowulf, Beat Street and the LA Beat scene.

Stones Throw’s Boardwalk drop the gorgeous woozy video for “High Water,” complete with a hint at the geography of where Walter White buried his money.

Kydd and ADD+ bring some swanging illuminati for your mind soul and body Dallas rap.

Miami’s Ice Berg continues to drop songs that would incite a Mormon to murder.

Do you want to hear South African pop from 1994 that sounds like Robin S? Of course, you do. Taken from the latest Awesome Tapes from Africa release.

Danny Swain flips Bone Thug’s “Foe tha Love of Money” and does something exceedingly difficult — make it work.

Myron & E dropped one of the best soul albums of the year. They deserved more attention. Songs like this explain why.

Armstrong, a young Atlanta rapper making very mystical murder music.

The “Type of Way” remix with Jeezy and Meek Mill. I want to listen to little else right now.

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