October 2, 2013

Tosten Burks prefers sour skittles.

With Pineapple Now-Laters, BJ the Chicago Kid drew comparisons to Bilal and D’Angelo, patron saints of sexy neo-soul. That was a little off-base. Dude is too good at hooks to nail him down as a “songwriter.” For BJ’s roots, look more local. What I’m saying is, R. Kelly was the original Chicago Kid. Alas, Kellz is 46 now. He tours around performing best-of compilations and hanging out with 2 Chainz. Meanwhile, BJ has developed into the smoothest hook dude in the game.

Just check the new songs with Fredie Gibbs and Sasha Go Hard. The former is the best song in Grand Theft Auto, the best movie of the year. The latter is musical versatility for the hell of it. Drill has never been so soulful. He’s an honest foil for all the sad robots. Crooning as lush as the ten pounds of indo Freddie left with his love in San Francisco. A good hook is about finding the sweet spots, and BJ is swimming in them. Must be all that candy.

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