burial-four-tetMore of these links because the Internet insists on releasing music at grotesque speeds.

Four Tet drops a 855 hour mix on Rinse FM, but you only listen to the last two in podcast form. Safe bet. Somewhere in here is a Burial and Four Track collaboration where they flip Mariah Carey. It’s unsurprisingly great as Burial could even make Ray J sound good.

MP3: Four Tet – 10/8/13 Rinse FM Podcast

There is inevitably tons of filler on this Metro Boomin mixtape, but it also includes songs from Future, Young Thug, Two-9, and Curren$y. Proceed with the trepidation you would normally use when you see Trinidad James on a tracklist.

Ka’s video for “Jungle.” More black and white visuals about stuff that will haunt you until John Carpenter decides to direct one of them.

The random rare e-mail aspirant who actually convinces me to check out their music, let alone enjoy it. I know very little more about Dionysus, other than if you Google him, you’ll get articles about Jim Morrison and Greek Gods. Sometimes both. But “G Shit” survives it’s generic title to be something very enjoyable. His mixtape Sophomore Year is coming soon.

New Kevin Gates with Woop and Yo Gotti. There are horns, vows of revenge, hi-hats, and Gates, whose criminal slang narratives are one teardrops on wax session away from making him the Louisiana Ghostface.

If Edan is going to remain in semi-permanent hibernation, I will gladly take distorted echoing vorpal sword psych-rap of this nature. By the Difference Machine, who hail from Atlanta.

A new Shy Glizzy video that is very hard, complete with Yo Gotti, motocross stunts, and Mos Def sideburns.

If you can get best past the unavoidable assumption that Tyga is giving someone “this dick,” this TeeFlii remix of “This D” is good and has Jadakiss cackles galore.

Call me crazy, but I believe Juicy J has smoked a drug or two.

I am all in for this song and the video where Kendrick has finally figured out how to lock people in when he lip syncs at a camera. I just wish there was a Behind the Scenes fly on the wall conversation between Pusha and Kendrick about Drake. Or at least a TDE Street DVD where Schoolboy Q breaks into Drake’s house and steals his Nerf basketball hoop.

Classixx are very quietly on one of those runs where everything they drop is excellent and will end up being constantly name-dropped by dance producers a decade from now.

Boldy James meets Earl and Domo at the Alchemist’s House, where he assembles the parts for his West Coast Wu-Tang.

This song is old, but it’s R Kelly teaming up with the RZA’s protege, Rev. Burks (also known as Lil Chuuch). Posted here under the assumption that you will want to hear this because you have a soul or like soul or have shoes with soles.

Benoit and Sergio with the elegant vapor trail disco-no-disco.

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