October 8, 2013

Brad Beatson was the first to wear skinny jeans.

Boom Bap and slick raps, it’s what The Cool Kids were made of. Of late, Chuck Inglish has improved greatly as a rapper whereas Sir Michael Rocks has abandoned his lane to get stuck in the syrup traffic. Here Inglish is joined by Soulo-ho and Easy Mac Miller who declare they’re the new Ice Cube & Eazy E over a back and forth chorus. Pause fellas, let’s leave the greats out of this. These young gunz should be worried about being their best selves and thankfully they’re coming with everything they’ve got. Mac Miller turns in perhaps his best verse of the year before declaring everyone’s late on the molly cause he was hittin that shit in ’09. You were still late in ’09, bro.

The bigger surprise is Chuck’s verse that bursts in after a Hawaiian drummed bridge. Del Fresco’s penchant for style has finally made its way into his usually straightforward verses. Here he’s changing up his flows as quickly as your trying to keep up with his latest threads. Ever the producer, he lets the beat ride out over the final minute to show us how he’s made his cake. Since The Bake Sale, no producer has been able to make me involuntarily flail more. My long ass limbs get to Squidwardin’ and my head bobbles about. Make sure there’s ice in your cup and keef in your catch before you push play.

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