October 8, 2013

“What the fuck is this” reads the first comment on the video for “Super Fuck.” Good question. Quelle Chris gives dietary tips (Bailey’s and Bally’s) to the animated sex styles that look like a cross between Robert Smigel and Benjamin Marra. The raw sex work-out plan. Digital Underground would be proud. This is taken from the forthcoming fire-bomb, Ghost in the Machine, out Oct. 29 on Mello Music.

Gaslamp Killer on Fuse’s Cratediggers, talking about Bob James, Italian psychedelic records, seeing The Specials for the first time, and Circuit City. As charismatic and informative as your favorite Russian faith healer to the Czar.

Project Pat, Juicy J, and Doe B give you advice on how to be a “G” and who will never be a G over a Mike Will beat. If that sounds appealing, this will be appealing.

Edan Vs. the Poets of Rhythm. The winner of this DJ battle might be Edan’s hair.

Dam-Funk and Snoop Dogg form like Funkzilla to destroy all imitation Mothra’s, King Kongs, and fakers of the funk. Practice your pop locking, let your hair extend to Edan lengths, and strap your locs on. Busters and skeezers need not follow these simple instructions.

The opposite end from modern funk is old-time Appalachian finger-pick guitar. Introduce yourself to 23-year old Daniel Bachman, already with three LPs under his belt. Signed to Tompkins Square, this is taken from Jesus I’m a Sinner, the sort of record that makes you want to purify yourself in the waters of the Potomac.

You know what that song from the Self Made 3 compilation featuring Boosie needed? A Gunplay verse. If Boosie signs to MMG, I will personally show up to Rick Rawse’s Miami mansion and demand a Boosie and Gunplay album until I am forced to run like Jackie Joyner Kersey.

Another leak from the beautiful Boardwalk album dropping on Stones Throw next week.

You have probably already seen this video for Danny Brown’s “Dope Song,” but have you seen it on this site? I rest my case.

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